Car Care Tips

  • It's essential to conserve where you can when it comes to fuel. When topping up your tank, avoid filling it to the brim - the petrol will just seep out slowly or slosh around. This can be avoided by asking the petrol attendant to stop pumping after the automatic nozzle's first
  • Another way to save on petrol costs is by keeping the petrol cap tightly closed. Loose or damaged petrol caps means petrol can evaporate out of the tank. Making sure the cap is tightly secured can save you money.
  • Stay in the shade: Direct summer sun can also cause the evaporation of petrol. Park in the shade to avoid this.
  • New cars and certain new parts need to be run in before they can perform at the maximum potential. This applies to new brake linings ; the first 200km don't have optimal friction properties. New tyres; the first 300km don't have maximum adhesion. During this period it is recommended that you do not use full throttle. The speed can be gradually increased to engine maximum over time.
  • When washing your vehicle, don't neglect the underside. It's a good idea to hose off the undercarriage as grime and any other loose objects can get caught there.
  • Take care of any minor concerns as soon as you can. It's important to correct these problems before they get worse and require extensive repair later.

Tips on how to sell your used car

The Auto Dealers Guide provides us with a broad indication of a vehicle's trade and retail values. Whilst insurers tend to use the guide to establish definitive values, dealers will use the guide in conjunction with other real-time and vehicle-specific information at their disposal. Real-time market values may differ by as much as 20% or more on the day.

Some of the factors that may affect your trade-in price include:

  • Vehicle's condition
  • Colour
  • Mileage
  • Regional popularity and demand (some cars sell better in some areas)
  • Regional Availability ( an excess or shortage of stock in a particular region will alter its value)
  • Availability and pricing of (similar) new cars